We design vibrantly curated interior environments inspired by the spirit of our Clients.

We translate that spirit into carefully curated spaces while sharing our enthusiasm for art, culture, and innovation in a collaborative journey between Client and Designer.

Our multidisciplinary approach to interior design ensures each project is an enjoyable and educational adventure of aesthetic discovery.

The Chroma Team executes each project collectively from our studio in San Francisco.




Interior Design: Chroma seeks out the best artists and craftsmen to furnish spirited environments.

Interior Architecture: Chroma space plans and drafts, developing custom storage/millwork solutions, selecting architectural finishes and providing material specifications.

Custom Furniture and Lighting Design: Chroma collaborates with the most talented local craftsmen to create unique furniture and lighting pieces.

Photorealistic 3D Visualization: Chroma offers a rendering service for clients to visualize their spaces and furnishings before they materialize.

Project and Construction Management: Chroma collaborates with architects, contractors, subcontractors and craftsmen through the construction and fabrication process.

Styling: Chroma hunts for unique curiosities to make each space fun and functional.

Alexis Tompkins

Alexis comes from a family of artists, curators, and historians. Informed by world travel, Alexis has an extensive knowledge of art history, contemporary art and gallery quality furnishings. Alexis studied Art History and Studio Art formally at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas. She has worked as an art consultant and designer, assisting artists on projects ranging from curation of shows to construction of works of art. An educational highlight was assisting her favorite artist, Nick Cave, on a performance piece. Alexis focuses her creative energies with Chroma on designing and managing art inspired projects in the Bay Area. Alexis aspires to share her passion for the arts through Chroma’s design services, supporting artists in continuing to offer their unique perspectives to the world.


Leann Conquer

Leann grew up in Pennsylvania inspired by the great outdoors. Leann’s upbringing informs her focus on the use of natural materials in her design practice. Leann studied Interior and Furniture Design formally at Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania. She moved to San Francisco from New York City where she worked as a designer for Paula + Martha.  There she was trained to allow artworks inform her design process. She has extensive furniture design, production and expediting experience, working on projects for OHIO Design and NICOLEHOLLIS in San Francisco. Leann is particularly interested in the positive effects that well designed spaces have on day to day life. Leann strongly guides space planning philosophy with Chroma and is enthusiastic about contributing to the growth of the local Bay Area design community.